Software engineering for the web. Specialized in Content Management. Drupal, Pressflow, Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached. Management in web development, content management and network services.

LANGUAGES: perl, php, java, bash, ksh, csh, xml, html, javascript, css

SYSTEMS: red hat, debian, gentoo, ubuntu, aix, solaris, windows, mac os

TOOLS: apache2, nginx, lighttpd, memcache, apc, varnish, xdebug

IDEs: intellij, eclipse, netbeans, phped, zend studio, netbeans, aptana, titanium

CMS: drupal, wordpress, sitevision, vignette, episerver

CM: clearcase, subversion, perforce, cvs, git, vss

RDBMS: mysql, postgresql, oracle, sqlserver, misc

PROJECTS:ShopDeals, Creative Partners



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